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  1. again, what’s the progress of the crystal fair song? and the opening from seasons 1 thru 4?
    also if you wanted to do an episode from the show, how long would it take you with your own puppets?? and when will the profiles be ready? and do you guys have an email address? also how would you portray human fluttershy as a bat from “bats!”?

      • Hallo liebe Barbaradanke für deine netten Worte…bin grade auch bei Dir am st¶.nern.Ã.ubd sehe viele tolle sachen bei Dir die ich auch gerne mag….ja die Zwergen von denen komme ich auch nicht mehr los…wünsche dir noch einen tollen kreativen Tag…liebe Grüsse Brigitte

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  6. Um… Hello skill draw, your music video ‘ FluttERR ‘ has made the um… Top 1 in my favourite music videos…. I love how you messed with my voice but… The ‘ moaning ‘ :3 loved it skill draw, hope we can be friends,
    Friendship = Magic

    – Flutters

    • We’re happy that you liked it to the top of your list 🙂 We’re in the making of other vids also. Hope you like those too as much as this one.

      And of course we can be friends 😀

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